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Yacht / Boat Surveys and Services

Yacht and Boat Pre-Purchase Survey:

Pre purchase surveys are carried out to determine the condition of the vessel in detail and can also be used to satisfy the insurance companies.
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Yacht and Boat Insurance Surveys:

It is normal for a craft to be surveyed in order for insurance companies to establish seaworthiness before they write cover. Insurance companies have been known to require a condition report on vessels a little as five years old.
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Osmosis Inspections:

At least twenty areas of antifouling and primers are removed to reveal the moulded gelcoat/epoxy surface. The scraped areas are then inspected for the early signs of blistering (often referred to as "wicking") or blisters. The relative moisture content will be measured using a Tramex meter to establish the moisture content. If necessary, recommendations will be given as to the best course of action.

Yacht and Boat Valuations:

Often necessary to secure a yacht mortgage, insurance quotes and probate.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing:

Using a Portagauge ultrasonic thickness tester an assessment will be made as to the condition of the hull.

Yacht and Boat Sea Trials:

Sea trials are undertaken to establish the vessels systems whilst under working conditions. Including through hull fittings (seacocks and stern glands), rigging, steering gear, instruments and engines.

Preliminary Inspections:

Can be arranged to establish whether or not the vessel is worthy of a full condition survey, particularly useful if someone is to commission a survey having not seen the boat themselves.

Steel Yachts and Boats:

The hull plating will be inspected visually, by hammer soundings and by Ultrasonic point residual measurements (below the waterline), Plate thickness will be estimated on the basis of controlled measurements taken at points where deterioration is most likely and not likely to have taken place.

Timber / Wooden Yacht and Boat Surveys:

A general inspection of the hull will be carried out above and below the waterline. In order to ascertain the extent of any distortion in the hull structure and in addition the fairness of the planking, this would give an indication of the soundness of the fastenings. A visual inspection will be carried out for any evidence of movement and the planking will be sounded at close intervals using a rubber mallet in order to detect areas of decay. The hull planking will be inspected visually in order to establish the fairness of the planking, Lingering dampness, evidence of movement and condition of the paint. Hammer soundings would also be taken in order to detect areas of decay.

The vessel should be prepared for survey in the following manner:

  • The vessel should have good access and be placed on a firm surface.
  • The bottom should be clean, often requiring pressure washing.
  • The keys should be available for the vessel including all lockers, engine start up panel and battery isolation switches.
  • Batteries should be fully charged and connected.
  • Personal items and loose gear should be removed from the vessel where possible.
  • Past repair and rigging receipts and past survey reports should be made available if possible.
  • Sails should be available at the vessel.

About Nick Healey

All surveys are conducted by Nick Healey. Nick has surveyed more than 1500 yachts during his nine year career as a marine surveyor. Nick Healey lives in the Port of Falmouth but can survey yachts not only in Cornwall but Devon and other European locations including Barcelona.
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